Thursday, August 28, 2008


adj. A word best omitted from resumes, I reckon--unless the position is Brigadier Batshit in the Cuckoo Corps of Nutburger-brained Whackaloons.

Real citation: "You really blew it, Garth, with that phoney average Canadian ‘Ben’ question .. because there are no average Canadians on your fine forum … only a bunch of neuro-psycho-whacko Liberal partisans who fill the forum with their hate-filled daily drivel. I hope you don’t read that rubbish to energize yourself in the HoCs."
(Garth Turner, May 29, 2008, The Turner Report,

Made-up citation: "Jed the shih-tzu just left after a weeklong stay, and my neuro-psycho-whacko rat terrier Monkey is sad. It's like somebody took the crack out of his cornflakes..."

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