Wednesday, August 13, 2008


adj. Dumb, I reckon.

Real citation: "The comment in question concerns a cocity-ziozoician (antizionist prosemite, in his case a milder than most splitaffliction applies) my readers got acquainted with early on: Louis Proyect who indeed thinks of himself as a first class 'model' as Chabert has him, fire fighter who 'has been running the maxmail listserv for years and I don't think anyone's ever really complained' . .. . .apart from dumbitudinous expression '..anyone's ever really. .. .', applied to LP who cares little, even if it's not just anyone but some specific body from amongst those he pretends to champion and protect, such as me, trying to complain. . .. but that water has long since doused flames, flowed beyond all damns and sunk down to wash the deepest octopussies."
(April 18, 2006, Le Colonel Chabert,

Made-up citation: "I may be dumbitudinous as a box of rocks, sweet Melissa. You're right, damn you. But my soul flies free as a ferret on fire."

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