Friday, May 30, 2008


noun. Someone who talks, perhaps to say “Thou despicable spatula!” on behalf of a chagrinned whisk.

Real citation: “Charlton Heston died, and people around the globe are asking the big question: 'He didn't die a long time ago?' That might not be entirely fair, because the NRA spokesnutjob has been in the news and even periodically cropped up in various places, like a cameo appearance in full monkey make-up for the 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes. But since this is a movie-minded blog, I decided a tribute is in order.”
(April 11, 2008, BloggingSolo,

Made-up citation: “A good public speaker should pursue a career as a comedian, announcer, spokesnutjob, or politician. Unfortunately, few positions are available in academia or prophesy.”

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