Tuesday, May 06, 2008


adj. Yuletidy and stuff.

Real citation: “Ceva lipseste these CISmas days… Nu ma simt jolly and hohohoish…With all the christmasy atmosphere around me, I still feel incomplete… Like there’s so much to do but it’s pointless to do it cuz there’s no mood for it. Or I dunno… I guess I can find reasons inside of me, but they’ve always been there and I’ve always managed to ignore them. Why can’t I be an ignorant tonight as well, why can’t I?”
(Dec. 26, 2007, Communication Jazz, http://hatesmthchangesmth.wordpress.com/2007/12/)

Made-up citation: “My red and white wardrobe isn’t meant to be hohohoish. Those are the spring colors of my death cult.”

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