Wednesday, July 02, 2008


adj. Zombies so rarely leave a civilization in the same shape they found it. What happened to the campsite rule? Were they raised by a zombie master in a barn?

Real citation: “Written by the creator of the hit Sci Fi TV show EUREKA, Andrew Cosby, and EUREKA staff writer Johanna Stokes with art by new fan favorite and current BLUE BEETLE artist Rafael Albuquerque, THE SAVAGE BROTHERS tells the post-zombie-lyptic tale of Dale and Otis Savage–who’ll hop in their Ford F-150, and bring back, or put down any of your undead relatives… for a price. Things get weird (relatively speaking) when Dale and Otis get hired to retrieve a zombie scientist who may hold the key to the supernatural apocalypse.”
(Oct. 17, 2007, Around Comics,

Made-up citation: “Some say my humble home is grody and reeking of filth and squalor. I prefer to think of it as a post-zombie-lyptic terrordome, where heroes roam."

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