Wednesday, July 30, 2008


adj. We brought a dump truck of money, but Samuel L. Jackson still won’t say this word, and he stopped taking calls from our agency. In related news, the ghost of Richard Pryor appears displeased.

Real citation: “And I made up a few new words of my own, too. ('This mommatruckin' mini-blind is a mommatruck!') Not the same, but it felt pretty good.”
(July 28, 2008, Emma Downs, The Journal Gazette,

Made-up citation: “We’re worried about Joey Jr., ma’am. His language is peppered with words such as ‘mommatruckin’ and ‘ape-poopy,’ and for the pre-k talent show, he consecrated a mystical sword, which he then used to impale the art teacher, who did have it coming, but still… Age inappropriate!”

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