Thursday, July 03, 2008


adj. “Preposterous” is one of my favorite words. I even like it when it’s full of crap.

Real citation: “Guess it was just too much trouble for the authors to write anything origional. Or else the book companies got them cheap! I've seen some fanfiction that is truely wonderful to read; the characters are written correctly and the plots are believable. This craposterous insult to my eyes offered by the profic (?) authors is not even fit to line the bottom of my bird's cage!!”
(Oct. 12, 2000, Jedi Council Forums,

Made-up citation: “Raiders of the Lost Ark Trivia: It’s fortunate that Stephen Spielberg overruled George Lucas, who wanted Indiana Jones to chase the craposterous gazebo of the covenant while carrying his trusty lacrosse stick and wearing a pillbox hat.”

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