Saturday, July 05, 2008


interjection. A euphemistic yet emphatic exclamation of pain. Warning: Not likely to impress the guys in the squadron or fantasy league.

Real citation: “Part of one of my molars broke off. I have no dental insurance. (Cause and effect, effect and cause.... Anyway.) Now my tongue is rubbing against the molar, and it is hurting like hell... both the molar and the tongue. Ow-fricking-fracking-ch.”
(May 1, 2008, That Cruel Beast Hope,

Made-up citation: "By Odin's beard! In the name of all that is holy! Ow-fricking-fracking-ch! Sweet merciful meatballs! God diddly damn! Mother Mary on a marsupial! What am I yelling about!"

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Eirlys said...

As a wild guess, and from bitter personal experience, I'd say that the author of the second (made-up) citation might be on point of producing a baby - the delightful moment described as "crowning", to be painfully precise - though few of us are quite that articulate in the heat of the moment.

Keep up the fricking-fracking good work.