Monday, July 07, 2008

canoe on Lake Lunacy

verb phrase. A naval voyage in which getting out of the boat—contrary to what you may have learned in movies and the technical manuals—is the one, true path to greater sanity and cleaner drawers.

Real citation: “I'm really not surprised that Athena hung back and said zilch about anything. Kara is canoeing on Lake Lunacy in a big way, for Athena to even offer up one thing the story would have to give some indication that there was any way in the vastness of space that anyone could think she was anything other than raving.”
(stillshimpy, May 3, 2008, “ 4-5: "The Road Less Travelled" 2008.05.02,” Television Without Pity,

Made-up citation: “In my family, canoeing on Lake Lunacy is a popular summer sport. And in the winter, we ice fish.”

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