Sunday, July 20, 2008


noun. Ghosts are bad. Rodents are bad. But a squeaky, apparition-y combo of the two? Tuck me into bed with a pitchfork.

Real citation: “But today she's even less lucky. When she awakes, craving drugs, she rises from the stained mattress that serves as her bed and immediately falls to the floor. She screams when she sees what has happened to her. A Polter-Rat scurries away, barely seen. While Gumdrop slept, the creature ate all the flesh off her feet, leaving only bare bones.”
(Edward Lee, Dorchester Publishing,

Made-up citation: “An exterminator, a ghost hunter, and a rat terrier all failed to remove this polter-rat from my once-happy home. Tonight, I’m polter-nuking the place. So if any of you kids have a soul or ectoplasm you don’t want to lose, you’d better stay with a friend.”

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