Wednesday, January 28, 2009


adj. Far less delicious than choco-dweebistic.

Real citation: "Sorry about that. I feel better now. I just had a nice piece of chocolate with a glass of red wine. Mmmmmm. That hit the spot. A big, tannic California Cab and a bit of dark chocolate... Ahhhhhhhhhh... It doesn't get much better than that... Wine and chocolate combine to form a nearly erotic taste sensation that is almost indescribable. I could eat chocolate with wine every night. Wait, I do eat chocolate with wine nearly every night. That would explain a few things... like my evolving XXL wardrobe... Anyway, as the journalistic and techno-dweebistic foundation behind this site, you know that I'm going to give you my take on the whole wine and chocolate phenomenon. After all, it's not like THE BOB is going to explain it to you !!! NO!!! NOT MR. V.I.P. BIGSHOT WINOBOB!!! NOOOO!!! (Sorry... .must have... more... chocolate...)"
(March 15, 2003, What's New,

Made-up citation: "I'm minimally
techno-dweebistic when it comes to recreation... Ms. Pacman is still my favorite video game, maybe because it's such a perfect allegory for the middle east."

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