Monday, January 05, 2009


noun. One of the worst wads in the west.

Real citation: "ETHER! lol i miss you lots! i am on mandy's computer. i hope you dont get sick! katie white is here too and she says you are a poo poo wad and she misses you!!! I MISS YOU MORE THOUGH! you have no idea! and mandy just told me that you come home a week from thursady and i think i need to run to the bathroom before I PEE MY PANTIES!!! its still like 11 Days away though. AND I AM SO MAD THAT I CANT COME PICK YOU UP AT THE AIRPORT!!! PHOOIE. but as i promised i am going to throw you a HUGE welcome home party the day after you get back! and i am so excited! I LOVE YOU HIVEY BUTT SALSA!!!!"
(Aug. 17, 2008, Esther's Summer in Texas, link dead)

Made-up citation: "At the final battle of Ragnorak, the poopoowads and the peepeewads will fight to the death. That's according to my Norse mythology textbook, as rewritten by local scholars like my cousin Tommy."

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