Sunday, January 11, 2009


noun. Rule by coughHACKgak! Excuse me... What were we talking about?

Real citation: "As time passes me by, I guess these new catchphrases do too. I remember it was 'tolerance' for a while. 'Coexistence' must be the new 'word' for the 'new generation' according to those companies that define 'new generations' run by people whose business it is to think up 'words' that coincide with 'generations' they are not a part of. I always thought I would be good at something like this, maybe even revolutionary, with words like parahabitation or phlegmocracy. 'Coexistence' is something your mom would say to insinuate who to hang out with at school and who to, well, 'coexist' with."
(Aug. 27, 2003, the quizod of self-evidence,

Made-up citation: "I don't like living in a phlegmocracy, but what're you gonna do? It beats an oozing-cyst-ocracy."

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