Sunday, January 18, 2009


noun. An enthusiastic collector of anthro-whatsits.

Real citation: "There was something the Doctor once said about discussions that made a deep impression on me many years ago. The huge body of lectures and books by this man can easily give anyone an overdose and turn the person into an anthro-nut, an anthro-weirdo, or an anthro-fundy, but one picks up along the way certain profound thoughts and principles and ideas that resonate well with one's own soul, then anthroposophy can be a very progressive and healthy resource for an individual, regardless of how another party may decide to judge the inner life of that individual, especially when such judgements are solely based upon statements typed in public forums on a given subject."
(Nov. 20, 2008, Anthroposophy Tomorrow,

Made-up citation: "I hate when pundits act like anthro-weirdos and robo-weirdos are exactly the same. That's like saying toast is like a pancake, or children are people too..."

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