Saturday, January 03, 2009


verb. The worst part of the buffoonological process.

Real citation: "I haven't been inside a WalMart since July 24, 2002, but it sounds like the same managers are there who caused me to cease giving them my custom. Especially the one who won't run a register. I left an $800 computer and a couple hundred dollars worth of assorted clothes and fishing tackle in my cart and left the cart in line when I was rebuffed (rebuffooned?) by the holier-than-thou schmuck who refused to even come to the front to see what the situation was (two lanes open, thirty people in two lines)."
(Nov. 6, 2006, Friends of South Carolina,

Made-up citation: "I was a suave, stalwart sort. I felt respected in the community--until the council rebuffooned me. Damn you, council! I'm going to speak to the commissioner about this."

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