Thursday, January 08, 2009


adj. When used in the expression "I'm gonna go quasi-sorta-medieval-ish on your ass!", even squirrels and bunnies won't flee.

Real citation: "On a personal note, since I haven't talked to you ingame about it Rae, it'll be a very tough time convincing Kaeriel to care one way or another about the Sun'S Warmth enough to take that degree of action. He (and kind of myself OOC) sees them as kind of silly and harmless, and especially in a quasi-sorta-medieval-ish fantasy setting, the escort or prostitute is just kind of a thing that exists and will continue to do so, organized or otherwise."
(May 7, 2008, Raven's Eye Order,

Made-up citation: "There's nothing quasi-sorta-medieval-ish about me. I am medieval from my chain-mail latte mug to my dungeon/rec room, where it's always the dark ages, and I am the rampaging barbarian horde of the ping pong world."

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