Monday, January 12, 2009


noun. On a scale of zero to zilch, this would be there.

Real citation: "If it's _legal_ for our Administration to use Son Of Carnivore and the Patriot Act to monitor U.S. citizen's telecomms, it should be legal to SHUT DOWN the Iraqi cell networks and make possession of RF transmission devices also a bullet-in-ear death penalty condition. Even so, in terms of Jammers, what they are talking about is the equivalent of Shortstop mortar fuze spoofers for cell and remote firing mechanisms and I _doubt seriously_ if they have enough ERPS or area of effect to do diddly bleeping squat to the F-22's 'sigint collection suite'. Because they aren't doing diddly squat to the Iraqi's telecomms. And because, if it's all like previous generations, the ALR-94 is in fact operating in the 4-5 to 20GHZ FIRE CONTROL bands /well beyond/ the radio and cell networks operating at 750MHz to 2GHz range. Certainly comparing these devices (later in the article) to Carrier Deck environments filled with MEGAWATTS of ATC, INS alignment, ACLS, and radio test is ludicrous."
(March 3, 2007, Above Top Secret,

Made-up citation: "In the winter, my dog spends somewhere between three minutes and diddly-bleeping-squat seconds outside. He is that fast at dropping a deuce and watering the grass. So where's his Golden Globe award, huh?"

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