Monday, February 28, 2005

cosmic-donut supporter

noun. A staunch advocate of the notion that Homer Simpson is correct and we are all merely sprinkles on a heavenly donut.

Real citation: "Recently some astronomers proposed that the universe is shaped like a gigantic donut. Then a competing group proposed that the universe actually is shaped like a gigantic soccer ball. The cosmic-doughnut group, based at the University of Pennsylvania, took exception to the cosmic-soccer-ball gang, who are mainly French academics. Cosmic-donut supporters asserted if the whole universe is a soccer ball, then individual views of the sky should resemble a sliced bagel."
(Gregg Easterbrook, "God did not watch the Super Bowl, but everybody else did!"

Made-up citation: "I'm no cosmic-donut supporter, but Christ in a Christmas tree, do I ever support Dunkin' Donuts coffee."

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