Thursday, February 24, 2005


noun. Hornish, doggy, randy, sex-crazed behavior. Woof!

Related terms: horndoggy, horndogginess, horndoggitude, horndogish, mega-horndog, uber-horndog.

Real citation: "I have a feeling that #3, dancing but not orgying, is going to work out the best for you at the moment. For general zest-seeking, take field-trips to clubs, beaches, and so on where the girls are pretty but not quite so immediately available. This would cut down on the immediate temptation but not necessarily on the later horndoggery. Just enjoying the view and going home to act out what you didn't do in public can be surprisingly exhilarating."
(Andrea Nemerson, "Horndog on a stick,"

Made-up citation: "Above-average height and beyond-the-pale horndoggery are qualities often found in political and spiritual leaders."

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