Monday, February 21, 2005


noun. The very essence and core of a 24-carat, no-questions-asked mama-yama of a princess.

Real citation: "Now here's the dilemma. I want Amy to walk with the princesses cuz they cut through the park and I don't want Amy walking alone through the park cuz of, you know, *whisper* the molesters. There are big fat trees in the park for molesters to hide behind, and you know how much molesters lurve hiding behind big fat trees. Amy could walk with Bailey and Hayley, but they live on the other side and go the loooooong way. I could tell Amy to do that anyway, and she might agree, but she also might lie. It's genetic, hey. I also could agree to drive Amy and the princesses, but that would be rewarding them for their princessitude."
(Paula Light, "Nerds and princesses," Jan. 26. 2005, Ultrablog,

Made-up citation: "Oozing-cyst-itude will put a damper on the princessitude of even the most practiced tiara-wearer."

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