Thursday, February 17, 2005


noun. A prince of a lad. Not quite. Believe it or not, this word refers to a fucking motherfucker.

Real citation: "What could possibly go wrong? Oh, damn, I forgot about EVERYTHING GOING WRONG. I got home from the pub on Thursday, to find that neither drive was being detected by the BIOS. I jiggered and pokeried around inside, booted from a CD, and there were my drives. There, but unreadable. MotherfuckingFUCKER. As if I didn't already have enough loss going on, now I lose all my data?"
("Thank You Jesus, May I Have Another?," May 28, 2004, It's Funny Because It's Shit,

Made-up citation: "When preparing your resume and cover letter, it is tempting though inadvisable to refer to yourself in glowing terms such as these: 'I am a focused, motivated, multi-tasking, project-managing motherfuckingfucker!'"

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