Wednesday, February 23, 2005


adj. This is used to describe someone with juicy, succulent DNA.

Related terms: bone-worthy, groan-worthy, yawn-worthy, barf-worthy, spew-worthy, spooge-worthy, schlong-worthy, thong-worthy, hump-worthy, bonk-worthy, boink-worthy, lust-worthy, drool-worthy, stalker-worthy, meh-worthy, gah-worthy, ew-worthy, sponge-bath-worthy.

Real citation: "Can you really copyright your DNA? Either you can, or California's DNA Copyright Institute, which secures DNA copyrights at $1,500 a pop for clone-anxious celebrities, is a fraud. (Could clone-worthy celebrities really be gullible?)"
(Peter Suber, Aug. 31, 2001,

Made-up citation: "Lena Olin is clone-worthy, sponge-worthy, scrub-her-and-bring-her-to-my-tent-worthy...she's pretty much worthy of whatever you got."

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