Tuesday, February 08, 2005


present participle. Catering to the whims and quacks of our fine feathered friend the duck.

Real citation: "An ex-missionary in his early sixties who had spent years among the Yanomami people in Venezula, Dell had seen a little of everything in life, but nothing as ridiculous as this fish-out-of-water city boy and his duck-pampering wife."
(Bob Tarte, Enslaved by Ducks, pages 103-4, 2003)

Made-up citation: "I can respect a duck-pamperer, so long as we're not talking Peking duck, which should be devoured--not pampered, harbored, or coddled in any way. Mmm...duck. Mmm....quack."

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Mark,

Thanks for the mention in your blog. I'm happy I can contribute to the betterment or decline of the English language.

Bob Tarte
Author, Enslaved By Duckshttp://www.enslavedbyducks.com