Wednesday, February 16, 2005


present participle. Given to dining on fresh gonads.

Real citation: "As for the ads that did make it on air, it was clear right from the start that Madison Avenue was determined to play things very close to the vest this year, in the wake of last year's Super Bowl debacle -- known in the business as the "Crude Bowl." Last year's ad crop, which featured a farting horse and a testicle-chomping dog, was roundly denounced as being unusually tasteless and unfunny even by Madison Avenue standards. Continuing fallout from the Janet Jackson incident also doubtless affected agency thinking this time around. The result was a collection of the most inane, soft-edged, appallingly saccharine commercials the Big Game has ever seen."
(Matt Taibbi, "Madison Avenue fumbles," Salon,

Made-up citation: "Even the most extreme masochist will usually leave testicle-chomping off the menu."

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