Thursday, February 03, 2005

happy man-loaf

noun. Tallywhacker.

Real citation: 24. "Night of Too Many Stars," May 31, 2003, 8 p.m. EDT: comedian Dana Carvey, reprising his role as the Saturday Night Live character, "Church Lady," says to the actor Macaulay Culkin: "...then we jumped on the puberty train and got all tingly . . . we want to fornicate, so we thought it would be nifty to get married when we were twelve." Dana Carvey later discusses Michael Jackson and says of him: "Did he ever dangle anything in front of you at the sleepovers? . . . Say, his happy man-loaf? . . . When he moon walked, he didn't moon you as he walked, did he? . . . Did he ever get into Billy's jeans?" Another character asks whether "his [Jackson's] shalonthaz [sic] ever rose up to salute you? You never played hide the toast?"
(Amy Reiter, "He said, 'Penis!'", Salon,

Made-up citation: "Our professional dating consultants do not recommend that you refer to your hoo-hoo-dilly as a happy man-loaf--not if you ever want to sink the sausage."

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Magazine Man said...

Omigod! Just stumbled on this blog and I'm already bookmarking it. Love these words. Way better than Sniglets ever was! --MM