Friday, February 18, 2005


noun. A metric assload of phlegm.

Real citation: "Sniff. I am that gross kid you wouldn't sit next to at the assembly. Sitting here at the computer surrounded by used kleenex, and even then I am making the occasional vile slurping noise through the two thirds of a nostril that still deserves the title of "airway." No one is around to hear me except The Cat, and since I have caught her snacking on her own vomit before, I don't think her sensibilities are delicate enough to be grossed out by my snotfest. (SNOTFEST 2002! PHLEGMAPALOOZA! WELCOME TO MUCUSLAND!) I think this is just autumnal allergies and not some deadly pestilence, but still, it's very annoying and keeps me from sleeping well."
(mimi smartypants, Sept. 24, 2002,

Made-up citation: "Do you think Evelyn was chagrined when I phlegmapalooza'd into her porridge?"

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