Saturday, February 12, 2005


noun. Someone who has been besmirched, which can be so unpleasant.

Related terms: admiree, anus lickee, avengee, ball lickee, beatifee, betrayee, bitee, brainsuckee, burnee, car-jackee, clobberee, cock and ball torturee, complimentee, consumee, counselee, cradle-robee, crapee, crushee, decapitatee, disectee, disparagee, downsizee, excommunicatee, exorcisee, filmee, fist fuckee, floodee, Frenchee, gawkee, giftee, golden showeree, gropee, headee, impeachee, killee, kissee, lecturee, lickee, likee, litigatee, lustee, massagee, mindfuckee, moldee, molestee, moochee, motivatee, mugee, murderee, nursee, obsessee, oglee, peggee, pervee, pervertee, piercee, pimpee, pissee, poopee, predatee, promotee, purse-snatchee, regiftee, reprimandee, scoldee, shagee, shitee, skullfuckee, slashee, slobberee, smoochee, smotheree, sniffee, snitchee, spankee, stabee, stalkee, staree, theftee, toe-suckee, undressee, whackee, yoinkee.

Real citation: "Very good, Dusty. And it disturbs me a little when a person­ of integrity gets his name besmirched by someone flinging out t­he accusations without checking the record. It smacks of a sub­tle attempt on the part of the besmircher to spread lies about t­he besmirchee. Like I said once before, slinging snot. "
(Howard Duck, July 29, 2000,

Made-up citation: "As the Bible says, 'For every besmircher there is a besmirchee, and for every batshit-loony ratfucker, there shall be a batshit-loony ratfuckee.'"

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