Thursday, December 23, 2004


adj. Unmanly, but in a more casual sense.

Related words: dudism, dudery, dudeliness, dudedom, dudeness, dudette, dudess, dude-ish, dude-esque, duditude, dudeapalooza, dudeful, dude food, nude dude, uberdude, megadude, superdude, mini-dude.

Real citation: "Texting is a truly tricky form for the ironist - very brief texts are difficult to make ironic simply because it's difficult to inject many layers into seven words. However, if you write a very long text, because it's such a bugger to do, your extra effort suggests a sincerity - an undudelike urge to be understood - that sits all wrong with the irony. To get round this, forms like "(!)" and "Not" and "have evolved", but they're pretty dumb and basic."
("The final irony,"

Made-up citation: "If it's undudelike to drink bubble tea and listen to Blondie, then I renounce dudehood."

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