Thursday, December 09, 2004


noun. An even more microscopic and emasculating form of shrinkage, whether of the weenie or nonphysical qualities. Also: major shrivelage, maximum shrivelage, mega-shrivelage, peener shrivelage.

Real citation: "Ok, so first off- EW!! I totally did not need to hear about your shrivelage! Secondly, why the FUCK would you tell that to a total stranger on the bus? And also? 'Manhood'? Who says 'manhood'?"
("How did I manage to ingore lj for a few days?" Jan. 30, 2004, Snark Hunting of Extraordinary Caliber, )

Made-up citation: "Though my hoo-hoo-dilly is an excellent specimen, years of grad school have left with me with severe shrivelage of the soul."

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Koree said...

"I was in the pool, I was in the pool" - George Costanza