Tuesday, December 14, 2004


noun. A serious state of lameness; a lameass situation; a lame thing that is totally ass; a multitude of suckitude.

Related words: ample assedness, assedness, bad-assedness, bare-assedness, big-assedness, brew-assedness, broke-assedness, busted-assedness, candied-assedness, candy-assedness, cheap-assedness, cold-assedness, crack-assedness, crap-assedness, crazed-assedness, crazy-assedness, cute naked assedness, Disney-kiss-my-assedness, draggy-assedness, drool-assedness, droopy-assedness, dumbassedness, fancy assedness, fat-assedness, fatty-assedness, financial-kick-assedness, flat-assedness, foot-up-assedness, freaky-assedness, geek-assedness, general-wise-assedness, half-assedness, hard-assedness, haul-assedness, head-in-the-assedness, head-up-assedness, head-up-their-assedness, horse-assedness, iron-rod-up-one's-assedness, jackassedness, kick-assedness, King of the World-assedness, lard-assedness, lazy assedness, long-assedness, masculine-assedness, mean-assedness, nasty assedness, near-brush-with-great-assedness, no-assedness, non-fat assedness, pain-in-the-assedness, pansy-assedness, pissy-assedness, pompous assedness, pretentious assedness, punk-assedness, red-assedness, slack-assedness, slap-assedness, smart-assedness, sorry-assedness, stick-up-their-assedness, stubborn-assedness, stupid assedness, suck-assedness, super-bad-assedness, superhalf-assedness, tight-assedness, ugly-assedness, up-my-assedness, weak-assedness, weird-assedness, whiny-assedness, whoop-assedness, wise-assedness.

Real citation: "One cannot cure lame-assedness with lame-assedness."
(QueenAnne, "The Rambaldi Files: Speculations with Spoilers," Television Without Pity, http://forums.televisionwithoutpity.com/index.php?showtopic=3113402&st=3390)

Made-up citation: "Sometimes, lame-assedness can be cured only with patience and a goddamn big hammer."


Paula said...

My new fave descriptive is "asshatted blank." I love asshatted! Asshat is okay, but asshatted just cracks me up. I've coined asshattery, too, to describe what an asshat does or says. I'm going to blog about this right now. :-)

Don said...

I would say, "... patience and a big-ass hammer," wot.