Monday, December 06, 2004


noun. Roughly equivalent to "schmoopsie-woopsie-poo."

Also: pookie-wookie, schnookie-wookie, pookie-wookie-wuv, pookie-wookie-wuggums, pookie-wookie-waggums-woo, pookie wookie shnookems, pookie wookie bear, pookie-wookie boo-boo bear, pookie wookie butter bear, pookie-wookie-schmookie-bear, pookie wookie kissy wissy face, sugar-dumplings-pudding-cups-pookie-wookie-woo, pookie wookie cookie, pookie wookie dookie, pookie wookie pumpkin pie, pookie pookie poo, pookie wookie wookie poo poo poo, pookie-wookie-ness.

Real citation:
"oh now i get how this shit works
i am soooo smart
im not on the list but that means im being kept =)
I love my pookie wookie woo"
(xdysfunctionx, August 11, 2003, Livejournal,

Made-up citation: "Why can't I find a penguin-abusing, poop-chute-friendly, plumber's-crack-defying pookie-wookie-woo in Pittsburgh?"


Anonymous said...

you guys are fucking retards...way too much time on your hands

Anonymous said...

I call my husband like half of those names... and vice versa!

Anonymous said...

I thoought I made up pookie wookie for a pet name for my husband..... he doent like it and said ""what's pookie wookie""?

Anonymous said...

I'm always tormenting my better half with " Oookie Snookie Wookie Pookums Poo. "