Tuesday, December 28, 2004


noun. The fact--usually a male fact--of being a doofus.

Related terms: anushood, asshood, badsasshood, bimbohood, butthood, damselhood, dickheadhood, dildohood, dorkhood, douchehood, dumbasshood, dweebhood, evil genius-hood, fuckheadhood, geekhood, harlothood, hoserhood, hunkhood, liarhood, loserhood, lushhood, motherfuckerhood, nerdhood, robothood, shitheadhood, skankhood, sleazehood, sluthood, sphincterhood, stonerhood, strumpethood, studhood, weeniehood, zombiehood.

Real citation: "Perhaps it is just because I am a male, but I don't see the pattern of universal male doofushood that you have seen. Perhaps you live in a defective area, or for some reason only know defective men."
(Grant Gould, Nov. 6, 2003, http://www.janegalt.net/blog/archives/004475.html)

Made-up citation: "My manhood may be in question, but my doofushood is beyond reproach."

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