Wednesday, December 08, 2004


noun. A hissy fit/snit for two.

Related terms: hissy fit, hissy-snit, hissified, snit fit, hissy snit fit, pissy hissy snit-fit, conniption fit.

Real citation: "Shrieking mad Julia Roberts flipped her cork and flung hubby Danny Moder's PHONE at him during a hissy-spat at a pal's pad! Danny had left home to spend a few hours outside a buddy's house, helping him repair a racecar. Suddenly, Julia drove up, screeched to a stop and rocketed out of the car, screaming, "WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR #&@$^! CELL PHONE? . . . What's the #&@* point of having a #*$@!^ cell ...... "
("Julia explodes after hubby cuts cell-phone leash," The National Enquirer/Star,

Made-up: "We were having an intellectual discussion, not a hissy-spat!

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