Thursday, December 16, 2004


adj. Soaked in a delicate broth of angry male hormones.

Related terms: testosterone-pumped, testosterone-based, testosterone-fueled, testosterone-driven, testosterone-crazed, testosterone-soaked, testosterone-choked, testosterone-laden, testosterone-suffused, testosterone-centric, testosterone-powered, testosterone-friendly, testosterone-jacked, testosterone-gorged, testosterone-enraged, testosterone-poisoned, testosterone-injected, testosterone-oozing, testosterone-spilling, testosterone-spewing, testosterone-spraying, testosterone-spitting, testosterone-radiating, testosterone-sucking, testosterone-mongering.

Real citation: "Who knows when, or why, or how it all came about, but men historically have taken the lead when it comes to grilling. That being the case, the sport of grilling has come to be dominated by images of chest-pounding, fire-breathing, testosterone-marinated men out minding the fire while the women stay a safe distance back."
(Golda's Kitchen,

Made-up citation: "Our testosterone-marinated chicken salad is pleasing to the palate and the libido."

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