Saturday, December 04, 2004


noun. 1. Someone who prays to and follows the sacred commandments of a particular rabbit, all rabbits, the Easter bunny, or another rabbit-like deity. 2. An overenthusiastic Easter-celebrater.

Real citation: "However, you should keep some things in mind. People in chats hate idiots. If you're gonna be an idiot, and harass other people, and use vulgar language, and be mean to them, and generally act like a dreaded Bunny-Worshipper, then do not use Our Holy Doors. If you use Our doors and then act like an idiot in the chat, you will get bad Karma and the Mighty Gerbil Deities will hate you forever, and you will become fodder for the Demonic Bunnies, and Dwarf Hamsters will nibble at your toes for eternity in Hell (and that causes excruciating pain!!), and you will never, EVER get laid, and you'll get fired at work and everybody will hate you and think you are ugly and stupid and mean and they will say bad things about you behind your back AND in front of you, too. We're not joking!!!"
("Our Holy Chat Doors," The Church of Gerbil of Canada,

Made-up citation: "Beware the bunny-worshipper. Help the hamster-worshipper. Respect the rat-worshipper. Chasten the chinchilla-worshipper."

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