Sunday, December 05, 2004


noun. A state of extreme batshit looniness.

Related terms: batshit loony, batshit whacko, batshit insane, batshit nutty, batshit nutso, super-batshit-insane, completely-fucking-batshit-insane, batshit-fucking-crazy, batshit-sounding, non-batshit, pre-batshit, anti-batshit, batshit loonball, holy batshit, batcrap, batpoop.

Real citation: "Not at all; I wasn’t accusing you of anything. Just pointing out that elitist batshittery runs the gamut, whereas you only focused on the Left."
(Eric, Nov. 6, 2004, What a Butthole,

Made-up citation: "Since the words 'craziness' and 'insanity' are inappropriate and dull, we encourage all staff members to use 'batshittery' when interacting with clients."

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