Friday, June 03, 2005


noun. A particularly sneaky-assed quality that is not admired by all.

Related terms: assity-ass, assity-ass-ass, awed-assity, bad-assity, bare-assity, big-assity, biggety-assity, crap-assity, curi-assity, dumb-assity, half-assity, head-up-your-assity, jack-assity, kick-assity, lame-assity, lard-assity, lazy-assity, licking-assity, nutcase-assity, odd-assity, pain-in-the-assity, pomp-assity, pulling-out-of-assity, pump-assity, punk-assity, rat’s-assity, sag-assity, smart-assity, stink-assity, suck-assity, ten-assity, tragic-assity, wack-assity, wide-assity.

Real citation: "I don't mind being a little sneaky if I have to be. Or, a lot sneaky.
Any assistance is appreciated. And, if it involves large amounts of sneak-assity, I'll refuse to give up your name."
(BigRedBam, April 8, 2003,

Made-up citation: "The cosmic vibrations tell me that you, Libra, have the smart-assity of a child, the sneak-assity of a rat, and the stink-assity of a grilled cheese sandwich in a sewer in hell.”

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