Thursday, June 23, 2005


noun. An asshatted situation that physics cannot explain.

Related terms: action-adventure-thug-style-kick-assery, assery, bad-assery, broke-assery, cat-assery, dick-assery, drag-assery, dumb-assery, fat-assery, fractional-assery, half-assery, hard-assery, head-up-the-assery, head-up-your-assery, horse-assery, jack-assery, kick-assery, kiss-assery, naked-assery, one-sixth-assery, pompous-assery, pro-smart-assery, punk-assery, self-assery-making, show-assery, silly-assery, slack-assery, smart-assery, suck-assery, whoop-assery, wise-assery.

Real citation: “As Wilco's current album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot continues to stir up debate between music fans in general and consternation from their own die-hard fanbase in particular, fans interested in quality roots pop have no further to look than Gingersol's newest. As equally pop-crafty as Summerteeth with none of the apparent (according to some of Wilco's former fans) disappear-up-your-own-assery of YHF, Gingersol keeps their roots rock, rural groundings intact while adding just enough pop to please fans of sugar-coated melodies but not frighten away the twang bangers."
(Scott Homewood, “Gingersol,”

Made-up citation: “My nunly Catholic grammar school grammar teachers never taught me words like ‘disappear-up-your-own-assery’ and ‘pigboinker.’ Of course, I never got cornholed either, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.”

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