Wednesday, June 15, 2005


adj. This describes a hypothetical and probably EVIL thing or state of affairs that does not revolve around the grand schlonghood of the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-dribbling penis! USA! USA!

Related terms: non-penis-related, non-penis-shaped, non-penis-inspired, non-penis-laden, non-penis-owning, non-penis-carrying, non-penis-oriented, non-penis-enhanced, non-penis-equipped, non-penis-like, non-penis-looking, non-penis-only, non-penis-extending, non-penis-challenged, non-penis-mutilating, non-penis-haver, non-penis-bearer, non-penis-owner, non-penis-worshipper, non-penis persuasion, non-penis person, non-penis-enlargement-kind, non-penis-inserting-activity, non-penis-homophobic-snitch.

Real citation: "I'd be grateful if you could post any results to the forum. Although this product isn't something that I find particularly appealing, I think that it may have benefits in opening the male body to non penis-centric orgasms."
(May 6, 2002,

Made-up citation: “Is the opposite of ‘cock rock’ ‘non-penis-centric ambient sounds’?”

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