Monday, June 20, 2005


adj. In the key of molten, monkey-fied, mega-matrimonial-mambo magic.

Related terms: crazy monkey sex, hot monkey love, red-hot monkey love, hot throbbing monkey love, butt-naked hot monkey love, hot sweet monkey love, hot sweaty monkey sex, hot buttered monkey love, wild screaming monkey sex.

Real citation: "We have NEVER found that situation on a swingers board, you are looking for love (hot monkey sex type love) in all the wrong places"

Made-up citation: "According to a recent study, even hot monkeys can't count on hot-monkey-sex-type action every day. This is bad news for the non-hottie weed monkeys, prank monkeys, cuddle monkeys, surrender monkeys, and squirrel monkeys of the world."

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