Thursday, June 16, 2005

free-range cretins

noun. Morons! On the loose!

Real citation: "Following a season of warm, sunny days, Arcata's weather synchronized with the sudden plummet in the national mood as a coarse, wind-whipped drizzle pelted a gloomy downtown. At Ninth and H, two travelers were rounded up on probation violation charges and a warrant. As officers tucked the two into a cruiser, free-range cretins circled, jabbering vile abuse at the cops."
(Kevin L. Hoover, "Pooches howl, drinkers froth, saggies scuttle, slumpers sloth," The Arcata Eye,

Made-up citation: “Free-range chickens and free-range cretins both have small brains and limited futures, but the birds are cuter and far more versatile on the menu.”

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