Tuesday, February 19, 2008


noun. They don’t make mimbos like they used to, according to Pa.

Real citation: “With that new understanding in place, it goes without saying that I couldn't permit myself to write a column last week heading into the Super Bowl. You put a keyboard in my hands, and not only would it become patently obvious that I have THOUSANDS of different ways to skewer the dirty cheating Patriots and their quarterback (who is a rare and elusive Half-Manbimbo, Half-Ladyboy), but it'd be pretty clear that I was a cautiously optimistic NY Giants fan.”
(Rick Scaia, Feb. 7, 2008, Online Onslaught, http://www.onlineonslaught.com/columns/oo/20080207.shtml)

Made-up citation: “With some gym time, minor surgery, and a tasteful boyzillian, I hope to achieve half-manbimbo status by July.”

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