Saturday, May 23, 2009


adj. Like beJuicyFruited, but less juicy, less fruity, and almost 65% more hobo-y.

Real citation: "Stepping out, Charlie takes in a long breath of the good city air, holds it for a second with a sour look, and sputters. 'Bloody 'ell,' he starts, then notices the behoboed man before him. He quirks an eyebrow and tips up his hat at the obviously younger person. 'Woss all this then?' He gives him a firm look. 'You look a bit down on yer luck, 'guv. Wossamatta? Econ'my in the Thames? Wife left ya? She was a sneaky sort, weren't she? Always givin' the milk man funny looks. And ya know what kinda looks I'm referrin' ta.'"
(Jan. 25, 2003, Warehouse 23,

Made-up citation: "Would you rather be a behoboed mole man or a be-mole-man'd hobo? Answer carefully. Your answer shall determine your destiny forevermore. And beyond!"

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