Monday, May 04, 2009


noun. An expert in the opto-mole-ma-logical arts.

Real citation: "'Good luck!' The guy who was with Joe said as he hurried away. 'Yeah, thanks a lot, Kevin!' Joe yelled back to him. 'C'mon, the opto-mole-ology-ist...uh... person's office is right over there.' He led Gabi to the ophthalmologist's office to get get some new glasses. Luckily, she had her prescription with her, since she was a clutz. So she picked out some frames that were exactly like her old ones; plain brown and a rounded rectangular shape. They went up to the counter lady and (Joe) explained."
(June 27, 2008, Gabi's Fanfictions,

Made-up citation: "Call the opto-mole-ology-ist! I found an opto-mole in my pancakes."

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