Thursday, May 21, 2009


verb. A service performed by great humanitarians and evil supervillains alike.

Real citation: "Not until sometime next week (if, by then, the site lives), and will probably take place over AIM. I'll shoulder the actual validating by myself for a short time, to give other potentials the chance to read and get acquainted with the site rules. I've got them written up, but they're in the process of being de-boring-ified and understandable-ified. I guess what I could do if people express interest this early on in validating is open up a discussion on AIM about the rules and get some help in concreting them. That'd be cool, and it would definitely speed up your process in getting to work in the Queue. :)"
(May 1, 2009, Brittany Payne, Livejournal,

Made-up citation: "After watching Star Trek, I feel as if a vast, empty wasteland of snooze-inducing nonsense has been completely de-boring-ified. And you can't beat Captain Kirk fraking a green alien babe. USA! USA!"

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