Sunday, May 17, 2009


noun. I don't know who this dude is or what he wants, but he just flipped my stomach with the gastro-spatula. And it feels right.

Real citation: "Piper went to the doctor yesterday. She still has a fungus in her hair follicles causing a slight balding patch. The problem is that to treat it, you have to take oral fungal medication. Her bloodwork showed that some of her liver levels were high, and the medication would affect that further. The doctor was going to talk to a gastro-something-something-ologist to check on her levels and what that means. There were 2 that were high, while 2 others that involve liver function were fine. She was unsure what that meant. We are still waiting on her stool sample (ick) results, so maybe there is a parasite we don't know about. Hopefully we get that soon.
(Aug. 22, 2007, Heart in Africa,

Made-up citation: "Call the gastro-something-something-ologist! I just swallowed a live ferret, and I think it ate my spleen. Don't judge me."

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