Wednesday, May 06, 2009


adj. Melodic--or at least not much like a piledriver administered to my skull by Lou Ferrigno on crystal meth.

Real citation: "I'm not familiar with KLH but Cerwin Vegas are notorious party speakers, loud and cheap, and you can find them in many a frat house precisely for that reason. Not exactly designed for classical, jazz, or otherwise non-thrashy, non boom-boom-boom music that requires solid mids and natural highs."
(March 20, 2005,,

Made-up citation: "I've made millions in the music industry, penning classic tunes in the boom-boom-boom and non-boom-boom-boom genres. For my next career, I'm giving competitive eating a spin. Mother always told me my stomach was destined for greatness. Or was that my spleen?"

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