Wednesday, January 12, 2005


noun. A whole lotta splurging.

Real citation: "Anyway, I got the All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku and Utena Movie DVDs yesterday. Imported them from the US. So much watchage. Along with the Sabre Marionette J and Saber Marionette J Again DVDs that I got from Animezone last week. hmm... didn't I say I wasn't going to buy much for the next two weeks so I could save for Manifest splurgage? Yeah. Right out the window."
(July 31, 2003,

Made-up citation: "If I could cut my splurgage, I'd have less debtage, and there'd be no need for wrist slittage."

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Rene Modesto said...

Found your post through good ol' Google. Made me laugh to see what I'd written, and how you've presented it.

Thanks. :)

Oh, I can't belive you missed the 'watchage' in the same paragraph.