Wednesday, January 05, 2005


noun. A monstrous, man-made mish-mash of long yellow fruit and...other stuff.

Related words: frankenfood, frankenpeople, frankenworm, frankenfruit, frankenburger, frankenbeer, frankenboobie, frankencrap, frankensoup, frankencereal, frankenbaby, frankenfetus, frankenrat, frankenbunny, frankenchimp, frankenbabe, frankenthingy, frankenwhatever.

Real citation: "omg! Okay, here is my take on that: Whoever wrote that/said that, i.e., that Emile so-and-so, is under the auspices of the biotech industry and thus has an agenda of trying to make people THINK that, suddenly, after thousands of years of doing just fine without humans tinkering with it, the banana cannot survive unless we take it under our all-knowing wing, change it, strange it, rearrange it, and turn it into: FRANKENBANANA!"
(Jan. 16, 2003,

Made-up citation: "Though its nutritional value is unclear, the frankenbanana is a godsend for unholy, hideous, drooling frankenmonkeys."

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