Tuesday, January 18, 2005


adj. This describes something that is absolutely fucking awesome (and maybe even a little fanfuckingtastic).

Related words: absofucking, absofuckingtastic, absoposilutely, absogoddamntively, absotively, absotootly, absodiddly, absobleedinglutely, absoblessedlutely, absobloodylutely, absobloominglutely, abso-fraggin-lutely, abso-freaking-lutely, absofrigginlutely, absofrikkinlutely, absofuckinglutely, absofugginlutely, absofunkinlutely, absogoddamnlutely, abso-one-hundred-percent-lutely, absoschmuckinglutely.

Real citation: "A. W00t! Go Jill!B. Why is a 4.0 only "good standing"? This university needs to come up with some new words. Like 'stupenfucious' or 'absofuckingawesome'."
(pyre, Dec. 19, 2003, This is me, http://www.strangesearch.net/terrek/archives/

Made-up citation: "Few things are as absofuckingawesome as a 68-degree day in January in Buffalo, NY."

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